Dear Reader,

I am eternally grateful to those of you who have made the decision to join me in this wellness journey one spoon (or fork)ful at a time. It is my pleasure and life’s mission to share the wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years with you—to grow happier, healthier generations TOGETHER. It only seems with the advancement of medical intervention, billions of dollars (and counting) pouring into drug research, our population is indeed getting sicker, with no signs of that pattern changing at this rate. With chronic illness and autoimmunity at an all-time high, it is our responsibility as individuals to take OUR health into our own hands. To self-educate and spread the wealth of this valuable knowledge!

Having pursued pre-medical studies in college, very quickly I grew tired of the allopathic ideologies standard in the conventional approach—failing to consider each person as a whole. What if the typical course of treatment isn’t effective (which is too often the case)? How and why did these symptoms evolve in the first place? Where does prevention come into play? What is the ROOT cause?

Might it be possible that we, innately robust creatures, have the power to stop illness in its tracks, to protect our bodies (and developing children) from the ever-growing exposure to environmental toxicity and dis-ease? YES! A million times yes!

It is through working with others and personal experience, that I have seen incredible transformations in even the most dire of situations. Our bodies are fantastically resilient. Give them some tender, love, and care, REAL, delicious food nourishment, and you’ll see for yourself the brilliance behind Hippocrates empowering statement, “food IS medicine”.

It is our right to lead long, vibrant, and fulfilling lives. Envision with me a society free of these avoidable disturbances and chronic ailments. With a collaborative effort, this is achievable, one beautiful seedling at a time. We are what we eat, and I’ve devoted my life to feeding YOU, through whole, nutrient- and flavor-rich goodness.

With tender love and care,
Madileine A. Grodnick
Natural Chef & Holistic Nutritionist