"Madileine is very passionate about her approach to healing as Hippocrates once said "Let food be thy medicine". Not only does she approach each meal with thought in regard to nutrient-density and ease for the body's natural healing processes, her care is felt too. Not only will her meals bring warmth and nourishment to your body, the LOVE in each dish will satiate and warm your soul". -Angie N.

"Few people put as much care into their work as Madileine does. You can taste it in the flavors of her cooking and you can see it in the results of her work."  - Phillip A.

"Madileine catered my daughter's baby naming with over 70 guests and she did an AMAZING job! She was very professional and wonderful to work with throughout the planning. She offered a lot of ideas and options when we were picking out the menu. The staff at the event location also told me she was excellent to work with, which says a lot because they have very specific food and serving requirements. All of the food was organic and she used as many local vendors as possible. The food tasted amazing and was presented beautifully. Our guests commented on how great the food was long after the event ended! As the host of a big event she made it stress and worry free for me! I would definitely recommend Madileine Grodnick!" 

-Katie M.

What can I do for you?

Customer Reviews

"Madileine is the quintessential organic chef.  Her dedication to product, preparation and presentation in all of her delicious meals can be found from beginning to end.  Her commitment to her customers and artistry is astounding." -Kathy J.


Nourishing Food Delivery to Your Doorstep

  • Everything made entirely from scratch, traditionally prepared the way nature intended—for optimal digestion and nutritional assimilation
  • Hand-selected ingredients, embracing seasonality and supporting our hard-working local farmers whenever possible
  • Dishes prepared in accordance to specific dietary preferences

Prenatal & Postpartum Nutritional Support

  • Initial consult: assess personal needs and future wishes
  • Kitchen refresh: pantry, fridge, and freezer cleanup 
  • Weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes - option for food delivery (see Carte du Jour)
  • Weekly wisdom e-mails: tips & science to promote the growth & development of Baby and Mama’s well-being 
  • Weekly check-ins: how are you feeling, how is Baby doing, milestones, hopes, concerns?
  • New Mama care package: homemade salve, tea, and other items to strengthen & boost the body’s natural healing process

Welcoming Baby Cooking Parties

  • In place of an ordinary baby shower, come together with friends & loved ones in the comfort of your own kitchen to prepare HEAPS of enriching, delicious food before the arrival of your new family member
  • I will take care of event planning, provide all necessary cooking materials, healthy, restorative, and strengthening recipes, + plenty of culinary tips!

Holistic Health Consultations + Personalized Dietary Recommendations

  • Primary evaluation: to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique, bio-individual makeup and your needs
  • Seek the relief you deserve from autoimmunity & other chronic conditions such as gut dysbiosis, hormone imbalances, anxiety/depression, weight issues, and more
  • Easeful guidance to optimize your wellbeing and health overall through  dietary & lifestyle recommendations 

  • Personalized check-ins, meal plans, tips, and insight to inspire relief and noticeable transformation

​​Private Catering​

  • No matter what the occasion, I promise you a meal to remember!
  • Customized menu created for you, comprised of wholesome, flavorful dishes in accordance with Contented Root's high-quality promise

​​*Inquire for more details*